Vocal Cord Nodule Surgery

Vocal cord nodule surgery: is performed to treat the trauma caused by lentil-sized nodules on the vocal cord that thicken the voice.

Nodules should not be confused with cancer on the vocal cords. Vocal cord nodules are benign masses and the simplest analogy is that of calluses.

In cases that do not go away with voice therapy, which is one of the treatment methods, vocal cord nodule surgeryis used.

Who Most Frequently Encounters Vocal Cord Nodules?

The most common causes of vocal cord nodules are as follows:

  • Teachers
  • Voice artists
  • Announcers
  • Call center employees
  • Religious officials
  • Women
  • Those who are constantly sick from the respiratory tract
  • Those who frequently clear their throat
  • Allergy and throat reflux
  • It is common in people who have to shout to be heard.

What are the Factors Affecting Vocal Cord Nodules?

The factors affecting the vocal cord nodule are as follows:

  • Excessive alcohol use.
  • Very hot tea drink.
  • Very hot and frequent coffee consumption.
  • Frequent shouting and talking loudly.
  • Smoking.
  • Frequent throat clearing.
  • Exposure to too much stress.
  • Using the volume too high or too low.
  • Neurological effects.

What are the Symptoms of Vocal Nodules?

The symptoms of vocal cord nodules are listed as follows:

  • Breathy speech
  • Sizzling sound
  • Narrowing of the voice
  • Neck pain
  • Speech difficulty
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Voice dropping and returning during a conversation
  • Feeling of a lump in the larynx
  • Decline in sound quality
  • Increased voice thickness
  • Voice fatigue
  • Ear pain

Symptoms such as. If left untreated, the voice can get worse and the feeling of a lump can become much worse. The larger the nodules, the greater the need for surgery. If hoarseness does not go away for two weeks, a specialist should be consulted.

Which Treatment Methods Are There for Vocal Cord Nodules?

One of the main treatment methods for vocal cord nodules is voice therapy. This method, which is carried out with an expert in the field, is applied after obtaining information about the age, level of voice use and expectations from the voice.

In the therapy program, all kinds of information that may cause or reduce nodules are provided. These behaviors or practices are identified and minimized in the life course.

In some cases, vocal cord nodules do not respond to treatment. These nodules are in the resistant nodule category. In these cases, vocal cord nodule surgery, known in medicine as phonomicrosurgery, is used.

What is done before vocal cord nodule surgery?

There are some tests performed before vocal cord nodule surgery:

  • Investigations
  • Allergy tests
  • Allergy tests

How is Vocal Nodule Surgery Performed?

Vocal cord nodule surgery does not require hospitalization like other surgeries. Local anesthesia is applied in this surgery, known as phono surgery or voice surgery.

Some endoscopic devices are used to descend into the vocal cords. The nodule is removed and the vocal cords are opened. There is no surgical incision, no stitches. At the end of the operation, the patient is discharged outpatient on the same day after resting for a few hours.

On doctor’s advice, very comfortable clothes are preferred for surgery. Mental and physical well-being is very important. In vocal cord nodule surgery, which has no restrictions on eating and drinking, only vocal rest is given.

The surgery takes one hour on average. The discharge time is two hours after surgery.

If there is a disease such as reflux, a postoperative food and drink list can be prepared and a kind of diet can be started. Weight loss that may occur due to diet is also planned. Apart from that, anything hot or cold, hard or soft can be eaten.

Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol during and after the healing process prevents the recurrence of nodules and plays a major role in healing.

Under the supervision of a doctor, some medications can be stopped one week before surgery. In particular, blood thinners should be stopped on doctor’s advice.

In addition to medicines, if any nutritional or vitamin supplements are taken, the doctor should be informed.

Are There Risks of Vocal Nodule Surgery?

The risks of vocal cord nodule surgery are not considered serious but vary according to the cases. Some of these risks:

  • Numbness of the tongue
  • Temporary change in the sense of taste.
  • Pain in the mouth and throat.
  • Hoarseness caused by damage to the vocal cord tissue.
  • Deterioration in sound quality.
  • Mouth sores.

Although these risks are not serious, they are rare. With the right surgery and the right treatment, it is possible to minimize this risk level.

What Happens After Vocal Cord Surgery?

After voice nodule surgery, voice rest is given for 3 or 5 days under the control and advice of the doctor. Even whispering is forbidden during this period.

Voice therapies begin with the end of the given period. If voice therapies are not taken, the disease is likely to recur. On days when talking is allowed, only whispering is allowed. It is free to eat and drink after surgery. Nodules do not carry cancer risk because they are benign masses. It is extremely wrong to characterize it as laryngeal cancer.

For 2 or 3 weeks, taste disturbance and numbness of the tongue are very natural side effects. It usually resolves spontaneously without the need for additional treatment.

In some cases, medication is prescribed in addition to voice therapy. Medication alone is not enough and is not a permanent solution. It should be supported by voice therapy.

This surgery is not necessary for vocal cord nodules in children. This process can only be overcome with voice therapy.

Some vocal exercises are performed after the surgery. Beginning with breathing training, the work progresses to the extraction of a single tone. According to the progression of the process, exercises such as small scales and final tone scales, tonic fifths are performed. As a final step, high-pitched sounds are now produced.

Prescription medicines should be used under the supervision of a doctor. It should not be drunk more or less according to demand. The less contact the vocal cords have with air, the faster the recovery. Very noisy areas should be avoided.

Since smoking is the biggest cause of these nodules, it should be quit immediately and strongly immediately after surgery.

What is Voice Therapy?

Treatment of voice disorders is provided by voice therapy, language trainers and singing therapists. A specific program and method is determined according to the recipient of the therapy. Depending on the patient’s condition, a minimum of 3 sessions are taken and completed in an average of 6 sessions. Depending on the case, the therapist may extend or shorten the number of sessions.

First of all, the cause of nodule formation is determined. For this purpose, the therapist and the otorhinolaryngologist (ENT doctor, abbreviated as ENT doctor) work together in joint sessions. The aims of voice therapy:

  • Sound hygiene
  • Voice training
  • The use of sound
  • Noticing a change in voice

To provide information and warnings about the issues.

Are There Herbal Treatments for Vocal Cord Nodules?

There are herbal treatment types for vocal cord nodules. Applying herbal treatments during the periods of voice therapy provides faster and clearer results. Herbal treatments include:

  • Abundant water consumption
  • Gargle with violet oil
  • Radish juice gargle
  • Eating hard-boiled eggs
  • Adding black pepper to honey milk
  • Eating foods high in vitamin C
  • Consuming water, honey and lemon cure
  • Ginger tea with honey

Such alternative medicine treatments, i.e. herbal remedies, are seen as supportive treatments for voice nodule surgery.