Rhinoplasty Turkey

Rhinoplasty Turkey

The position of nose affects the entire expression on the human face. It has vital functions as well as expression. Along with breathing, it moistens, warms, cleans the inhaled air and functions as an olfactory organ.

It plays an important role in the resonance and timbre of the voice. Oral and dental health deteriorates over time in a blocked nose. This is also manifested as snoring during sleep, headache, sinusitis, susceptibility to increased postnasal drip.

Many of the visual disorders in the nose directly or indirectly affect the functions of the nose. Therefore, the ideal nose shape and aesthetics are inseparable with its function. Most of the rhinoplasty candidates also have more or less functional problems.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed operations in the world and in Turkey. Therefore, it is a surgical branch in which post-operative comfort has continuously increased over the years. Rhinoplasty turkey should be performed by experienced ENT and plastic surgeons.

The patient’s healthy expectation, communication and faith in his doctor  and his knowledge of the post-surgical process are the most important factors affecting post-operative happiness.

Although aesthetic perceptions have changed over the years, the main goal in rhinoplasty should be to obtain a breathing nose that is compatible with the individual’s face and within itself.

Nose Aesthetics  in Women / Men

Although aesthetic perceptions and wishes vary from person to person, every woman wants to have a cool and delicate nose.

The main thing here should be to obtain healthy results in parallel with the patient’s nose skin, size and proportions of the face, and reach a mutual understanding with the patient on a common logical denominator before the operation regarding all these issues. It should not be forgotten that the ideal curvature and upturn of the female nose adds femininity to the individual.

Revision Nose Aesthetics

Revision rhinoplasty is required when a patient who has undergone rhinoplasty needs surgery again as a result of some functional and visual problems. The important point here is to determine whether the nose really needs revision.

This is because revision rhinoplasty requires a more challenging process in terms of psychology and surgery. Factors affecting success such as the number and techniques of previous surgeries, nutrition and thickness of the skin are important.

Cartilage tissue is needed to reshape the nose. In some cases, the remaining cartilage inside is sufficient. Most of the time, cartilage obtained from the patient’s ear, rib cartilage or cadaver cartilage can be used. Expectations and what can be done should be discussed thoroughly between the doctor and the patient.

What are the Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

There are two different rhinoplasty techniques, closed and open. In the closed rhinoplasty application in nose plastic surgery, the patient’s nose deformations are less. It is entered through the nostrils and with the help of the camera, the problems in the nose are reflected on the screen and intervened.

In the open rhinoplasty procedure, the skin between the nostrils is cut and the skin above the nose is lifted. Space is provided for the surgeon to work. Bone problems are resolved. The nose is given a new shape and closed. Recovery time is longer. However, the chances of success are higher.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Aesthetics?

It should be waited for 1 year for the new shape to be formed. During this period, the nose should be protected from trauma and pressure. The results of the procedure are permanent. The effect lasts for a lifetime.

What is the Recovery Process After Nose Surgery?

The tampons placed during the surgery are removed after 1 week. It is normal for swelling and bruising to occur. Cold application is made for the first 2 days. No blowing motion should be done. Antibiotics should be used in full.

How Long Is Nose Aesthetic Recovery Time?

At least 2 months should pass for full recovery. This period is necessary for the edema in the nose to pass and return to its normal function. At the end of two weeks, the person can return to his daily life.

Rhinoplasty Turkey Prices 2022

The technique used for the surgery, the length of stay in the hospital, the success of the doctor in this area and the frequency of his preference, and the length of hospital stay are effective on the prices of the surgery. When you decide on rhinoplasty, a detailed research should be done about the operation rhinoplasty prices.