Hair Loss

What Does Hair Mesotherapy Do?

Hair loss is significantly reduced. Hair follicles also thicken. The lifespan of the hair is extended and they gain a more vibrant appearance. Hair that looks shiny, lush and voluminous is highly appreciated. Sleeping hair follicles are stimulated by this method and become visible on the scalp. Patients who are not suitable for hair transplantation may prefer this method.

What is PRP Hair Application?

Prp hair application performed using tissue regeneration method,
hair loss
hair mesotherapy and PRP are the most commonly used methods for hair treatment.

In PRP treatment, 10cc of blood is taken from the patient with hair problems, this blood is separated in a laboratory environment and red blood is obtained as a result. The plasma needed for PRP treatment is prepared through a special process. Using the plasma napaj method, the treatment is terminated by injecting it into the problematic area of the hair. Those with hair problems can benefit from these two methods.

Hair Loss Treatment Prices 2022

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